About Us

With our exceptional graphic design and marketing experience we have gained since 1999 Double U Media has been a clarion voice in the South African design industry. By fusing graphic arts and marketing strategies, our advertising agency has tapped into a design philosophy greater than the sum of its parts, and has applied this philosophy to stunning success across all forms of media.  Our agency offers authoritative design services and comprehensive advertising solutions for all your needs.

We cover all forms of media from multimedia presentation design, Flash website design, web development, print, branding and signage, right through to photography.

With fourteen years of corporate experience and a profound, intuitive knowledge of the design industry, Double U Media emerged as a forerunner of commercial design in South Africa, and remains one of its most inspired exponents. Answering the demand for dynamic, effective and high-impact commercial media, Double U Media quickly developed a reputation for stellar service and innovative solutions to mundane problems.

The agency’s philosophy extends to the personal as well as the corporate, holding true to a code of ethics and personal responsibility which is indispensable to good business practice. The agency’s clientele, as the lifeblood of its business and is held in the highest regard, the faithful imitation of our client’s vision in their chosen medium is the highest priority.

With its advent, Double U Media ushered in the use of “Business Card CDs” in South Africa. These distinctive, pocket-sized compact discs merged data storage with corporate branding, and have since become ubiquitous in the commercial environment. Since then, the agency has had a history of involvement in technological evolution, from its proprietary Portal Manager™ Content Management System to its pioneering Remotely Updateable Data Disc (RUDD) technology.

Time and time again, Double U Media has displayed its acumen through its consistent synergy of concept, design and implementation. By combining ingenuity with purpose, exciting ideas with tempering experience, Double U Media stands as one of the finest design agencies in South Africa today.