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Despite its long history in the industry, Double U Media has never lost sight of what it requires to capture the viewer’s imagination. Entertainment – catching and holding the eye and mind of the onlooker - lies at the heart of multimedia, and it is in this that the experts at Double U Media excel. The key is consistency - the consolidation of many disparate elements to form a cohesive whole. Visual design elements and audio must fit together seamlessly, each element complementing every other, while supporting and projecting a central concept or message.



Let’s work hard, but have fun too!
         Ingo Maurer



Entertainment is essential in marketing; therefore we believe that if we have fun developing things, then surely people are going to enjoy using them.

When your clients are using our product we don’t want them to read hundreds of lines to find what they are looking for, instead through a user-friendly interface and interactivity they can find the specific details within 5 seconds.

Working closely with you, we undertake internal company research, target market research, brand positioning, and the definition of marketing and communication objectives, creation of brand strategy, evaluation and control. These core capabilities are moulded together and infused with excellence to provide clients with a dynamic, integrated and respected approach to their marketing challenges. The correct media strategy in itself can be a competitive advantage.

Our creative staff can create a complete custom design to help set your site apart from and above the competition. A professional, design will attract customers and help instil confidence about your capabilities.

When it comes to the creative execution, we will combine all of the strategic information into a captivating message for your target market. We also see each and every new brief as a challenge as we pride ourselves in coming up with fresh and innovative ideas.

We offer web based solutions to small or large enterprises. We aim to create websites that are unique, fresh, engaging and exciting for both the visitors and the client to your site.


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