Key Oncologists

The aim of the ‘Key Oncologics’ corporate identity is to communicate a feeling of vibrance – of new life, growth and continuity. We intend to achieve this in a slightly unconventional manner (by means of using cool colours and stylised forms). The ‘Key Oncologics’ logo will be complemented by an exceptionally ‘clean’ blue, creating an end effect something like that of sunlight shining on water.

The identity is intended to appeal to a wide community: not only doctors but their patients, their children, their parents and their spouses. We feel that it is imperative to stress that the relevant products are beneficial to their users.

The identity will be well-integrated in order to ensure brand recognition and consistency – this will also communicate a sense of assurance and integrity to customers. The afore-mentioned stylised forms will be communicated by means of simple, lively graphics (on stationery etc) and within photographic images on other advertising elements such as banners and posters.

The graphics used will strengthen the proposed marketing strategies, providing Key Oncologics with a unified advertising front and allowing them to integrate every element of their branding in such a way that it becomes more visible to the public.

The strength of the new corporate identity will be its juxtaposition: a stand between the organic and the clinical.

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