Flash Animations

Double U Media employs the Adobe’s Flash® software package to create effective, high-impact presentations to meet the rising demands of the corporate market. Our adept animators, copywriters and voice artists will bring your concept to life. The end result: a professionally crafted audiovisual product tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you desire a targeted, conference-based presentation or a looping slideshow for a more general audience, we offer some of the best multimedia solutions in the industry.


Despite its long history in the industry, Double U Media has never lost sight of what it requires to capture the viewer’s imagination. Entertainment – catching and holding the eye and mind of the onlooker - lies at the heart of multimedia, and it is in this that the experts at Double U Media excel. The key is consistency - the consolidation of many disparate elements to form a cohesive whole. Visual design elements and audio must fit together seamlessly, each element complementing every other, while supporting and projecting a central concept or message.


Flash web samples:

Incorporating a Flash animated introduction is a great way to entice your audience. With Flash and HTML5 your have the ability to showcase your product, services or promotions that will enhance your credibility. Our Flash website design portfolio includes:





Butterfly Effect Intelligence




Watercare Mining