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Marketing in 2014: “The Information Age - Stay Updated”

Double U Media would like to ensure you a prosperous NEW YEAR!


As a marketing agency Double U Media is required to stay on top of the current online marketing trends. With the information age growing at a rapid pace this deems to be a daunting task.

There are a few essential steps to successful online marketing in 2014. To start off, it is a well known fact that the internet has become a far more superior marketing tool that most other mediums, it all depends on how much you know and how you use it!


Step One - Know Your Lingo
Due to the immense growth it requires a 24/7 effort to stay up to date with the current lingo and it is imperative to do so in order to comprehend the marketing trends and stay viral.  

View our social-media lingo


Step Two - Marketing Trends:

It is clear that there are many social media platforms available in the market, the question beckons… witch one to go for? What will benefit my business?

Your choice should be determined by your Target Market

Define your target market and divide them into the following categories, remember to consider the relevance of your product and or service in the categories listed below:

Classification Process:

Corporate                      - Linked In / Google Plus / YouTube

Social users                  - Face Book / Twitter/ YouTube

Area driven marketing  - Google Plus

Brand exposure            - Linked In / Google Plus

Direct marketing           - Linked In

Note that there are an abundance of additional online networks that can be utilised for exposure; the selection depends on your business industry.


Step Three - Analytics:
Once you have refined you target market, you should conduct a comprehensive key word analysis to ensure that you use SEO (search engine optimised) content.

Google AdWords contain a handy Keyword Planner tool that can be used to refine your content base on your specific target markets perception.

Feel free to contact us for costing to conduct a thorough online analytics on your business.


Step Four - The Most Important Aspect of Your Online Exposure!

Your Own Website should never be dominated by your online social media listings. In other words if users are searching for one of your keywords, your site should take priority above your additional listings.

There is only one way to achieve this; use a professional web development company to implement your website!

A Few Pointers On This Matter:

A website does not sell its self! You need to consistently promote it. Google ranks your site based on numerous factors;

1.   How your site is structured and optimized.

2.   The relevance of keywords used in your site

3.   The amount of external links pointing to your site.

4.   The amount of new users that enter your site.

5.   Try to reduce your bounce rate to a minimum by correctly identifying your user needs.

6.   If you are going to spend money to promote your ranking, whether it’s through Google AdWords or any external listing sites; get a professional to assist you.



Social Media Lingo:

We would like to make it our priority to enlighten our clients towards online terminology, glossaries and social-media lingo.

Glossary Includes:

General social-media terms:
Authenticity, Compliance, CPC, CPM, Crowdsource, Editorial Calendar, Embed, Engagement, Financial Blog, Financial Hashtag, Geo-tag, Hashtag, Klout, Optimization, Reach, Share, Tag, Two-Step Verification, Viral and Vlog.

Facebook Terms:
Activity Log, Display Ad, Fan, Organic Reach, Paid Reach, Promoted Post and Sponsored Story.

LinkedIn Terms:
Connection,  DegreeEndorsementsGroup, InfluencerRecommendation and  Sponsored Update.

Twitter Terms:
Direct Message, Follower, Handle, List, Mention, Reply, Retweet, Tweet, Trending and Verified Account.




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