Swot Analysis

Added value in terms of marketing strategies

The first step is for us to understand our client's business and their branding. We meet with the client for a strategic planning session to perform a brand audit and get to know their company, their ideals, marketing plan, and their customer profile (current and intended). We accomplish this by working together to clearly understand their immediate needs and long-term goals, their opposition / competition, and their operating and technical environments (i.e. what technical infrastructure they have). This allows us to get an idea of the marketing style and how the client would like the company to be represented.

Although the design principles that Double U Media implements stays the same, we realize that the approach to each target market is unique. We recognize the individuality of each company’s personality and values; and are obligated as a marketing agency to portray that to their unique target market.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of marketing strategists will see to it that your campaign is properly devised. And, best of all, their advice and services are always available to all our clients at no extra cost. Surely, this is as good as it gets.

Identifying the target market is an essential step in the development of a marketing plan.

After the strategy development, conceptualisation and creative design sessions, Double U Media uses various media platforms to communicate to the target market. This enhances your capability to portray the correct association, on a personal level, with your product or service and brand.

Using the correct combination of media platforms will enhance your brand, allowing you to reach a new level of success.