Watercare Mining

Our agency, as a whole, found the values of Watercare Mining to encompass a wide range of very fundamental ideas. In such, we felt that it would be imperative to develop a corporate identity that struck a fine balance between two strong lines of communication:

  • Firstly, the identity would have to communicate the steadfastness, responsibility, trustworthiness and overwhelming dedication to their clients that Watercare Mining values so highly. More simply, the identity will need to encompass the ‘care’ that Watercare Mining shows to employees, clients and the community as a whole.
  • Secondly, the identity would need to incorporate graphic elements that demonstrate cleanliness and transparency: Watercare Mining does, after all, specialise in purification processes and concentrate on maintaining a high moral and ethical standard in all of their work. Obviously, however, one would not want the identity to appear ‘flashy’ or overly corporate.

The concept eventually developed involves a panoramic display of all of Watercare Mining’s key processes, illustrating the innovation involved in each process, as well as the integration of all of them and incorporating photographs of key staff members in order to showcase the human element (to enhance the idea of a personal touch) involved in developing these innovations. The use of photographs of Watercare Mining’s own equipment, processes and staff will create a far more authentic effect than that of stylized illustrations or simplified graphic elements.

As an example, an image will begin with a photograph of one of Watercare Mining’s head engineering designers drawing out plans. As the image progresses, several pieces of equipment will actually extend from the plans, until one is viewing a three-dimensional plant. This effect will be continued to illustrate all of the company’s key processes, forming a clear impression of cohesion, structure and strength. The images, although realistic, will also give a far more interesting impression than generic photographs/renders, communicating Watercare Mining’s inherent innovation and sense of progress. Obviously, the manner in which the images extend to encompass different processes and concepts will also communicate a sense of progress.

Supporting elements of the identity will include very sensitively structured type and neat graphic elements that incorporate the colours in the Watercare Mining logo. Sparing use of these elements will strengthen the identity as a whole while preventing it from appearing ‘overdone’ or overly commercial.

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